Why You Need a WordPress Site?

Right now, people are searching online for a product or service to fulfil a need or wish that they have. They usually do some research

about what they are after be it a product or service before hiring or buying, and they invariably utilize the search engines.

The point also is if you are not there your competitors likely are and that’s not exactly ideal.

"89% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine"

-Fleishman Hillard-

Some Pros of a WordPress Website?

The biggest plus of all with WordPress sites is that you do not have to be a coding expert.  Yes, there are lots of moving parts involved, but intrinsically the process does not have to be difficult, and when the power, extendability, and flexibility of a page builder are added you can really achieve a lot.

The site is there for a viewer and open 24/7

Endless possibilities to promote what you offer

For minimal yearly cost You own the content & not a social corporation

Unlike a social post your site's shelf life is unlimited

You can educate-advise or entertain

The site is Another way to be found online

WordPress Service – What We Can Do For You?

With realistic pricing levels, we can get you up and running with a 5 page done for you website and follow through with training to enable you to move forward thereafter by yourself, helping you with creating your own content.

Done For You Website

We can do the awkward grunt work to set up a 5-page site for you to get going fast ( Home-About-Contact-Service-Blog PAGES). We work with you in plain english to get it done.

WordPress and Divi

Done For You starter sites at realistic prices

Divi and WordPress

The hard work done for you

WordPress and Divi

Social Media and email covered/setup

Divi and WordPress

Security & SEO plugins setup for you

Hundreds of Layouts to Choose From

Divi comes with hundreds of free pre-made layouts that can be used in building out a site. Additionally you can mix and match sections from various layouts you like into your new pages.

Divi Templates & Modules

3 Videos To Consider

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