Uplifting Song About Learning To Read

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Assistive Technology, Design

An Uplifting Song about Learning to Read

A chance encounter led me to an Uplifting Song About Learning to Read: a few weeks ago I was sitting in a coffee shop when I got talking to an elderly farmer, and in discussion he was curious that I was working on my laptop.

We proceeded to have a discussion and I explained that I was working on my website about dyslexia.

He then said have you heard that song “Billy Can’t Read”, and I said I hadn’t, and he said well it’s a song about a guy who can’t read but got there in the end. 

The next day out of curiosity, I Googled the title of the song and came across the YouTube video that I have posted below.

I’m not a musical person per se, but the song surprised me in an uplifting sort of way . I believe it’s a great song because of its simplicity and uplifting message. 

The song is “Billy Can’t Read” by a country and western artist called Paul Overstreet

It is a great song, that deals with illiteracy and the love and support from a sibling. It tells the story of 2 brothers and one of them (Billy) who, like in a lot of families out there, had to go to work and forego an education to pay the bills so that his younger brother could go to school.

But Billy’s brother then taught Billy to read to repay him for what he had done for him.

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