Chat with Childrens Dyslexia Book Author

Chat with Childrens Dyslexia Book Author

Podcast Chat with Childrens Dyslexia Book Author and coach

 This week we chat with Marie Mason, a Business Strategy Coach and author of “Bubble Bear” Children’s book about dyslexia.

Marie’s contact details:

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Questions raised in the Podcast:

  • At what point Marie did you find out about neurodiversity?
  • What sort of support do you offer through coaching neurodiverse people in business?
  • What subjects do you approach with your own podcast?
  • Tell us about your book Bubble Bear, a children’s book about dyslexia
  • What sort of assistive technology do you use and advertise to support a neurodiverse community?

What sort of strategies do you use in supporting your own family with neurodiversity?

 What funny stories do you have about supporting a neurodiverse community?

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