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Welcome to the strange world of dyslexia. This is a topic that can be very controversial. Dyslexia is something which you live with all your life, but there is help up there and out there.

We aim to talk about people’s journeys and their dyslexia as well as talking about tools and resources that really do help.

We encourage people to take to and accept the funny side of being dyslexic, while finding out if there is still the same old stigma around dyslexia, especially for adults. 


How Does Dyslexia Impact Education?

This week, Suzy & I had a chat with Dr Martin Bloomfield and discussed how Dyslexia affected Martin’s education.
What motivated Martin after achieving his master’s in teaching, he decided to go for a PhD in philosophy?

How can OrCam help students and dyslexics to read and learn

This week we speak to Lauren Jeffery of OrCam, and this is of interest to dyslexics having challenges with reading, feeling overwhelmed, and needing help?She discusses with us how her technology comes to your aid, from primary school students to mature students and adults. Listen to learn more.

Other Podasts To Check Out at Dislexik world

Other Podasts To Check Out at Dislexik world


Podcast with IBM’s Global Neurodiversity Advancement Leader

Natalia is the Global Neurodiversity Advancement Leader at IBM. She is a public speaker and the organizer of global enablement via training events, guest speakers, and panel events both within IBM and externally.

She has over 10 years experience of coaching and mentoring neurodivergent individuals and their caregivers. Go listen to the Podcast.


Chat with Product Specialist for ReadSpeaker TextAid at Aventido Limited

Mary Wilcox is an Assistive Technology Trainer and Product Specialist at Aventido Limited. She started out as a teacher and transitioned to training people and organizations in assistive technology. She deals with the education sector from schools to universities, so this podcast should interest many out there.

Some Testimonials

"I have just listened to the latest podcast and found it thoroughly fascinating and interesting too. Definitely worth listening to as it debunks the myth that dyslexics are stupid. It's an absolute insult to think of them as such, and the truth is quite the opposite!''

--Paul Smith (Your concierge utility/travel/cco product service)


"Rosemary has a natural charm that immediately draws listeners in, Suzy has insightful points to make and as a team, they work the magic that supports people who genuinely deserve it. They are giving respect back to people who had theirs taken away when they were very young. I recommend working with Rosemary and Suzy unreservedly.''

--Laurie Sjostrom (Certified Coach | Speaker)


"On a road trip to collect items for my shop non the paragraphchallenge. Rosemary O Shaughnessy, had shared her latest episode of her podcast with me. So I thought I'd have a listen in the car. It was very enjoyable. Have a listen. You will be delighted you did! ."

-Anne-Marie Beggs(Dip.AppFin / DDAF) International Author and Speaker on all things Dyslexic


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