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Assistive TechnologySuzy Taylor

My Wonderful Digital World

My Wonderful Digital world   Welcome to my digital world, which I can talk about for ages! I once didn’t know the variety of assistive technology (AT) available for dyslexia. I did hear arguments that AT is cheating. It doesn’t do my work for me; it levels the playing field in a...

adult support for dyslexics
Assistive TechnologySuzy Taylor

Live on LinkedIn

Live on LinkedIn with Darren Clark to working with two laptops to help me Obi One! My Diary from Friday to Friday has been packed. Live on LinkedIn happened on Friday morning. I was talking to Darren Clark ondyslexia/dyspraxia. I had a lovely time talking to Darren and the time justflu. It...

Assistive TechnologySuzy Taylor

Burn the Witch

Burn the Witch The alarm clock goes off! Even the most normal person does not want to get up and go to work! Personally, I would rather win the lottery put my ruck sac on and tour the world. Unfortunately I have a house to run bills to pay and go out and do fun things with family and friends...

adult support for dyslexics

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