Live on LinkedIn with Darren Clark to working with two laptops to help me Obi One!

My Diary from Friday to Friday has been packed. Live on LinkedIn happened on Friday morning. I was talking to Darren Clark ondyslexia/dyspraxia. I had a lovely time talking to Darren and the time just
flu. It would have been easy to talk to Darren for ages of the issues surrounding dyslexia. This was not the case. It was a quick lunch and get me ready for dyslexia Scotland helpline. Also, at this point I find out I
have an interview next Friday morning. Woo hoo !I need to phone Sharon and ask for a change of shift for the helpline.

Saturday morning is writing class on zoom. Our class has shrunk a bit but always fun. Iain has replaced cables and his camera. No longer can we comment on the Incredible hulk green screen. We were learning
about word games. It did come with two specific names, but I have no idea how to spell them.

Sunday is chill out time before a hectic week. Think I will chillout and watch Harry Potter, it has been a while and I miss the wizard world.

Monday Start to edit essay for submission on Thursday. I need to do a presentation for Friday’s interview. I have never done this before and decide PowerPoint is the best approach. Also got to make a start on
setting up my new study laptop for the software being loaded on Wednesday. Oh, and a wee interview as Dyslexia Scotland is back up for investing in Volunteers award and my name has been randomly picked. The time just flies by an before I know it, I get hi honey I am home. Later in the evening I pull out the new laptop to try and set up everything I need for my studies. I must be over tired as nothing is working.

Tuesday One appointment I have setup in the evening. So today is edit some more of my essay and to make a start on my power point presentation. How hard can it be? Slide one done needs to be larger but can work on it. Slide two bullet points. Okay I have ended up with my comments on a side. Oh, look I can put pretty colours in the background. I watch you tube videos on the whole process and 90 minutes pass by. I am no further forward! Sitting staring at a screen shouting help me Obi One you are my only hope. In-between this I hear movement in my next-door neighbour’s house. This cannot be possible they are in hospital
having knee surgery. Better check everything is okay! Reply to email on reasonable adjustments for my interview on Friday. Also explain I have had issues with Microsoft teams in the past. A practice run is arranged for Wednesday at 4pm. Oh, look there is an event held by Darren on Thursday about Claro software and Scanning pens. I had seen it on LinkedIn and had a message asking if I would like to go. Yes of course, it will be remarkably interesting. Power on with power point presentation. My partner makes this look easy! He puts in animation and one slidesglide to another along without problem. I eventually have all the content I want to talk about, but it also looks like a car crash. I show my partnerwhen he arrives home and within 30minutes he has it nice and tidy and in a working order. Now to look at my study laptop and make sure I haveall the correct apps for my Open University work. Load Microsoft teams.Do I need zoom probably not I will just leave it off for now?


Wednesday. Today’s agenda is support worker phoning me about howthe job hunting is going and studying. I have my software being loaded remotely to my study laptop. Make sure Microsoft teams will work for
Friday’s interview. After a lovely short chat with support worker, it is then onto my study laptop for remote connecting for software. This did not go as smoothly as I had thought. Firstly, it was being done on zoom.
Detention for me for not loading the app. I am a goat! Then going through all the fabulous software an issue arises. Claro software does not want to load. I could not write this! I see on the learning labs Claro
writer helper I tell the person to add this to my learning labs package. Due to the fact has only been launched it is not part of the Claro package which is on my list. DOH! This is proving to be an issue as well
as it does not recognise anything that was suggested. It could be an update. However, Dragon v15 , global auto correct and of course my C-Pen are already for use. The Claro software (now Texthelp) problem is
being sorted out by the IT team! Hopefully, it can sort out tomorrow? I swap laptops and continue with listening and editing my essay. I do not believe it! I have manged to have different paragraphs in blue and black
fonts. I will sort all of that out later. Some more editing is needed before submitting it. Practice presentation. Try timing it. After dinner I was looking through LinkedIn and see the zoom meeting about C-pens and
Claro software. I read over the message Darren had sent me and realise my mistake. It was this evening Darren had talked about for the event. Oooops! Double detention for being a goat!

Thursday. Job club on Microsoft meetings. I tell them I have a job interview on Friday. Thinking in the hour afterwards I can talk about myPowerPoint presentation and find out other handy tips. This of course
was not the case, but a meeting has been arranged for later in the day. I have also been trialling an OrCam. I found it frustrating at first. As time has gone on, I have found it is an amazing bit of kit. It has really helped
me with my studies. They are looking for a meeting on Friday. I am now hitting mission impossible. Looking over plan on Calendar that involves planning my day. Next week is looking more promising. Listen to TMA
again and put in a few last-minute simple adjustments. Send it off for marking. Another one crossed off the list. Quick meeting with job club to do my presentation. They think it looks professional and I have judged it
well for the time assigned.

Friday. The final hurdle. It has been so busy this week. I have myself set up for my interview. I am nervous but that is normal. I get the link through for my interview and have no issues this time. Hurray! They
really liked my presentation another hurray! I think the interview wentwell. I can never tell what the outcome will be. I just wait and hope.
Quick lunch and talk to my m entor Sharon to find out how the helpline had been in the morning. It had been quiet. It could be busy thisafternoon. Things will be back to normal next week where I do my
morning shift. I get out my Open University laptop to work out the issue with Claro while waiting for incoming calls. I go into the downloads and open it up hey presto it decides to load! I will be ready to start for a new
week with my studies. Thank goodness it is the end of the week. I am away to Madrid on you tube! Following James Blink round my favourite tapas bars with a glass of wine.

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