Experienced Dyslexia Teacher Talks farming & more

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A discussion with a Specialist Dyslexic Tutor

An experienced Dyslexia Teacher Talks farming and more: This week we speak to Mary Moran, who is a Specialist tutor of children with dyslexia and specific reading disabilities.

She has been teaching dyslexic children for over 40 years, and she also has a particular interest and experience of how dyslexia can have devastating effects on adults and children within the farming community which is discussed in the podcast and makes for very interesting listening indeed.


Mary’s Contact Details:
Phone 087 9437767 (Mobile)

Questions Raised in The Podcast

  • Let’s chat about strategies to aid children with reading difficulties?
  • Why, money alone does not solve the problem of children’s reading problems?
  • Have you seen changes that help stop bullying?
  • How to help parents who have children struggling with dyslexia?
  • How does dyslexia affect adults in the farming community?
  • What are your funny stories about dyslexia?


Podcast Hosts:

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Rosemary O Shaughnessy


Rosemary is a digital content creator who helps small businesses, coaches and freelancers establish a presence online – offering WordPress websites, Canva Design and Canva Training, and as a certified LinkedIn Insider Help from account setup to teaching best LinkedIn practices.
Suzy Taylor

Suzy Taylor

Assistive Tech - LinkedIn

Suzy Taylor is a training specialist who helps people with disabilities deal with the emotional impacts and frustrations of their condition and teaches and trains people how to embrace and use assistive technology to make life easier. Suzy also offers LinkedIn help and support.
Students and Adults with Dyslexia
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