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Do I Pick Canva Free or Canva Pro?

When it comes to Canva I am regularly asked “Do I pick Canva Free or Pro” or indeed “Which do you use?”

As most of us know, the word “free” in the online world is an often very misused word such that we anticipate what is offered free can often be just rubbish or a complete waste of our time. 

However, the Canva free platform is genuinely a remarkably useful tool for many and is genuinely free and very useful of itself. You can do a lot with it! I myself started off using the Canva Free platform before progressing later to the Pro version.

It is no surprise that the pro version being paid will bring with it a number of different benefits not to mention additional features.

Obviously, I am a Canva fan and advocate, and personally, I am a Canva pro user for a number of reasons which I will address at the end of the post.

do i pick canva free or pro

Remember, regardless of versions, one of the main benefits of Canva is that you can create all of your design work- in one tool- in one platform and -in one place- and believe me when I say this will save you a lot of time!

Which do you Pick?

There is no right or wrong answer because this depends on you and your needs.

However, the following would be my general advice;

A Newbie: If you have never used Canva I would suggest you start with a free plan because you can upgrade later. Remember there is no point just having yet another tool available to you if you do not know how to use it, so invest time in learning how to use the basics of Canva because I truly believe you will be surprised at how useful it can be to you.

Occasional Need: If you are someone who only occasionally requires to create: graphics for social media or maybe the odd presentation or the odd video, the free platform with suffice.

If You Need to create graphics/ video/presentations regularly: If you are somebody who regularly posts on social media and could use a tool to get your work done quickly and at the same time compete with your competitors and indeed stand out with a variety of visual content, give serious consideration to the pro plan for the additional features it brings to the table. Remember, Canva offer a one-month free trial of the pro plan, but do not waste that time letting it just sit up there – use the time to actively create and devote equal time to learning. You will be sold to invest.

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