Chat with Product Specialist for ReadSpeaker TextAid at Aventido Limited

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 Chat with Product Specialist for ReadSpeaker TextAid at Aventido Limited (Mary Wilcox)

We speak with Mary Wilcox, who is an Assistive Technology Trainer and Product Specialist at Aventido Limited. Mary started out as a teacher and transitioned to training people and organisations in assistive technology. She deals with the education sector from schools to universities so is well place to talk about assistive tech.


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Our Questions for Mary as covered in the Podcast:

  • As you started your career as a primary school teacher, at what point did you find out about neurodiversity?
  • At what point do you consider putting in reasonable adjustments to support a child’s education?
  • How does the education system support neurodiverse teachers?
  • What made you decide to change your career and go into assistive technology?
  • What challenges do you see in promoting how assistive technology can help the neurodiverse community?
  • What funny stories can you share about dyslexia?

Podcast Hosts:

Rosemary O Shaughnessy

Rosemary O Shaughnessy


Rosemary is a digital content creator who helps small businesses, coaches and freelancers establish a presence online – offering WordPress websites, Canva Design and Canva Training, and as a certified LinkedIn Insider Help from account setup to teaching best LinkedIn practices.

Suzy Taylor

Suzy Taylor

Assistive Tech - LinkedIn

Suzy Taylor is a training specialist who helps people with disabilities deal with the emotional impacts and frustrations of their condition and teaches and trains people how to embrace and use assistive technology to make life easier. Suzy also offers LinkedIn help and support.

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