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Canva design and training service! (Visual Design maybe challenging – But Canva Offers a Way Forward) :

Why consider our Canva design and training services? The reality of life is that as humans, we are visual by nature. It’s part of our makeup, and the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Images are also better than text because reading is rather inefficient for us. Our brain sees words as individual images that we must first recognise.(source)

In the digital age, businesses strive to stand out visually! But design doesn’t appear by magic.

For many people creating and designing visual content can be challenging for lots of reasons and forgetting altogether about dyslexic challenges for a moment.


Some people just cant be bothered at all


Others find design too time consuming


Many find the process too complex


The level of knowledge needed is off-putting

Now, if you are a busy business owner who apart from the stress of just running a business daily also has to navigate the world through the lens of dyslexia, then you may appreciate the challenges associated with digital design when used to promote.

Designing visual content for any online use or promotion demands a considerable amount of time and mental resources, particularly when it requires reading, writing, and a keen attention to detail as well as design of itself.

Balancing normal business day-to-day business challenges while also creating appealing visuals for use in online or offline promotion can be a daunting-time consuming task, but the one stop Canva platform could be your saviour.

Using just Canva, You Can Create all sorts of visually appealing content?

Why Use Canva – Features Useful for Dyslexia?

Using Canva can offer several benefits for individuals with dyslexia, as it is designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

While Canva offers several benefits for individuals with dyslexia, it’s important to remember that accessibility needs can vary from person to person. Users with dyslexia may have different preferences and requirements, so it’s essential to learn and know what Canva settings and designs will suit individual needs for the best possible experience and results.

In a digital age just ignoring design can have adverse consequences for any business. A lack of visually engaging content could lead to a decreased online presence, reduced customer engagement, and potentially a decrease in revenue. Ignoring it all could also leave your business lagging behind competitors in the competitive digital world we live in where attractive visual content is the norm, not the exception.

As a business owner, many of you can’t afford to spend countless hours learning graphic design, especially if dyslexia is adding an extra layer of complexity to the process. We understand your challenges and offer training to help you create visually appealing content for your online business promotion needs.

With My Dyslexic-Friendly Training

Become a Canva Design Pro 

Unlock your creative potential with a personalized 1 to 1 training program tailored for dyslexics. Empower yourself and learn how to master the art of Canva design, making it an asset for you. Discover the world of visual expression!

Learn How To Create Your Own Designs

There is no need to let some challenges hold you back!.

-Hover Over any Image for More info 

Turn Your Ideas into Stand out Visuals

Learn how to transform your ideas into visually captivating designs. Learn how to explore the different templates, fonts, and images available in Canva to create eye-catching graphics that leave an impression. Put yourself in a place to compete online with competitors in your sector.

Embrace Your Dyslexic Advantage

Many dyslexics are more than capable visually, and we believe that dyslexia shouldn’t limit your design abilities, but rather enhance them. We focus on leveraging your dyslexic strengths and ideas to create innovative designs and also suggest some ways to deal with dyslexic challenges you face, including using AI which is available in Canva Pro.

How Our Training Works

Our training goes beyond mastering Canva’s tools and features. We’ll teach you the principles of design, color theory, and composition, allowing you to create visually impactful designs that resonate with your audience. Unleash your design abilities and make your mark in the design world.

Take the Next Step

Contact Rosemary to arrange a chat, to ascertain how Canva can help you so that a focused Canva training program can be setup. The focus will be on helping you to create designs that you will use repeatedly for your business and its promotion and unlock your creative potential to that end. Don’t let dyslexia hold you back – embrace it as your unique advantage.

I Also Offer a Done For You Service

Some people just do not have time to devote to creating designs or to learn how to use Canva, so I offer a done for you service whereby I will create the designs you require for you. 

Done For You Promotion Templates

I can create templates, so you can use promotional graphics quickly.

Click any Image –
To Open in a

The templates can often be reused by you in the future with just minimal editing and we include with our offer a short video training set to show you how.

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