Burn the Witch

The alarm clock goes off! Even the most normal person does not want to get up and go to work! Personally, I would rather win the lottery put my ruck sac on and tour the world.

Unfortunately I have a house to run bills to pay and go out and do fun things with family and friends and go on holiday.

You start off your day and your manger gives you a list of things to do. Your trying to remember number 1 they are at task 15 and before you know it is task 101. Help

You start the computer to find sixty-four emails waiting for you.

Which ones are important. Who do I reply to first where are all the letters on the keyboard to reply. You cannot remember what you have read in the email so takes several attempts to reply properly.

The people you work with think you are great. You are approachable try and sort out the problems and make their life as easy as possible.

Management has a different view. If you have a manger who believes in you is wonderful, upon losing this person is very painful. You are never out of Human Resources for being investigated as it is always the dyslexic persons fault for thing going wrong, the dyslexic person can never leave this place without warnings, file notes and personal improvement plans, which always makes a person think at the end what did I learn?

  • What was the point of this exercise?
  • I am I really that useless at my job?
  • Why can I not change jobs like everyone else?
  • Why I am I always turned down for different positions?
  • Do I really cost the company money or is it the management just do not like the way I work?

When helping yourself with your own work, you find out later you are helping everyone else. When trying to move on and taking your work down is only trouble for you! This is high treason. You devious evil person how dare you. You must be punished to the highest burn the witch. You also find you are not gifted enough for the job you are doing but to gifted to help Jenny scrub the toilets

Thank goodness for home time. You can sit with a comforting bowl of macaroni and cheese only to discover later you have put the cheese in the cupboard and the macaroni in the fridge.

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