Assistive Technology for adults dealing with dyslexia

The problem with assistive technology is there is not enough information about it and how it can support people.

Also, many assistive technology software and tools have built-in solutions that people are unaware of and how it supports a neurodiverse community.

I am here to offer you assistance in navigating life with dyslexia. I provide 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring to help you overcome some challenges you may face.

Make Tech Work for You

Instead of being overwhelmed by it

Assistive tech tools can really help you get to places you used to fear

Use Tech to Help

Speech to Text Tools

A gamechanger when it comes to writing


Text to Speech Tools

Another Huge Practical Assistant for you!


I will help you Discover how technology can be your ally in conquering dyslexia challenges.

From speech-to-text tools to writing aids and scanning pens, I can guide you through understanding what realistic adjustments you can make to make your life easier.

Discover What I Can Offer with Assistive Technology for adults dealing with dyslexia

Living with dyslexia is a unique journey for each individual, which is why I provide personalized 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring in specific areas. Let me guide you through the world of assistive technology, empowering you to excel in your studies, workplace, and everyday life. Additionally, I offer valuable assistance in creating and optimizing your LinkedIn profile, as well as expert guidance on self-promotion and showcasing your skills.

Overcome your tech fears and embrace the incredible support technology provides for dyslexia. Explore an array of free and licensed software options available in the market. Unleash the power of assistive technology integrated within Microsoft 365 packages, right at your fingertips in Word documents.

Presentations, whether in educational or professional settings, can be improved with specialized apps like Present Pal, enabling you to deliver impressive presentations with confidence. Enhance your writing skills with helpful aids such as Global Autocorrect, keylight, Grammarly, and Ginger, ensuring flawless spelling and punctuation.

For ultimate convenience in classrooms, workplaces, and beyond, scanning pens are exceptional portable devices. Choose from a variety of pens tailored to your preferences and specific needs in any environment.

Suzy Taylor

Suzy Taylor

Assistive Tech

I Offer advice and personalised training in the use of assistive tech to make your life easier.

The organisation of work is key to aiding dyslexia. Do you use Google Calendars apps such as booost and global tasks or prefer a diary to keep track of your projects and work? There is also other software such as Trello to colour code and aid you organise your work.

Text to speech: This enables a dyslexic person to listen to their work. This enables them to hear where they have made mistakes, you can find this in Word under review with read-aloud. There are also packages such as Claro Read which I use to check my work. Immersive reader is also a great aid found under view as this will help give coloured backgrounds, aid with how you prefer your work to be set out and use text-to-speech software.

Speech-to-text: is also built into Word documents and is the microphone symbol. There is also Dragon dictation and for Apple Macintosh there is talk type. This reduces the amount of stress and anxiety about spelling as you are talking to the computer.

Mind mapping: there are dyslexics who do not like mind mapping. However, it is a useful tool for dumping ideas and being able to visualise helping organise thoughts for projects and studies in education and the workplace.

I am often asked?

What is a reasonable adjustment?

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Reasonable adjustments do not have to be difficult within key areas of education, work and life. Assistive technology can be accessed in education, work, and life some of this is free and already built into Office 365 packages. Some of this can be supplied through access to work and disability student allowance. This can also be bought and integrated into companies or as individual licenses. There is plenty of choice.

Are There Resources for adults

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Education there are great tools which are built to help with education such as Scholarly aiding to break down large documents and putting in bullet points. Mind mapping software, Claro writing helper for assignments.

All software is priced differently, and it depends on your needs, through talking to Avintido, Texthelp, Learning Labs and Carescribe, Scanning Pens and Orcam finding the right software which suits your needs will benefit you through your education, workplace and life.

Definitions of dyslexia are different all over the world. You can find all the definitions in dyslexia bytes. There is help and support for European countries in the Dyslexic Compass.

If you wish to use colour overlays these can be found on Amazon

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