Suzy Taylor

Suzy Taylor

Assistive Tech

I am a highly engaged individual committed to promoting the freedom, choice dignity and control of people with learning disabilities.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities

Key skills

Excellent communication skills
IT skills
Dedicated team worker
Event and activity planning
Friendly approachable and empathic
Committed to promoting the rights of disabled people.
Presentation Skills

Neurodiverse consultant

I developed a website and blog sharing real-life stories to promote the rights and freedoms of a neurodiverse community. This was received positively and had enquired about dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD and autism which are all with learning difficulties in a neurodiverse community. Through my blog, I was invited to work alongside Dr Martin Bloomfield and have been featured in videos about the intercultural perspective of dyslexia on his YouTube channel Dyslexia Bytes. I was also invited out to Malaga as a consultant for his project the Dyslexic Compass.

As a blogger during the pandemic, I was also invited to trial out assistive technologies. The first one was Claro software which has now been taken over by Texthelp with their new product called Writing Helper. I have been delighted to be invited as a guest speaker at Texthelp virtual conferences and talk about the benefits of writing helper. I was invited by OrCam a visually impaired company to trial a new device called the OrCam read to find out how it could aid a neurodiverse community. This led to a prototype called the OrCam learn. They invited me to be a case study as I am an undergraduate at the Open University to see if I could improve my grades using this device. My journey using both devices has been covered in my own blog, as well as featured in Good Housekeeping magazine, Vision Aid, Daily Mail, Education Today and FE News.

(Click the Button to read) OrCam Read User Story: Suzy Taylor

Click The Image – below to listen to my podcast discussing “what is assistive technology”

what is assistive technology

National and helpline Volunteer with Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Scotland is a national charity enabling people to fulfil their full potential in learning and work. I work as part of a team of volunteers in key events such as the annual educational conference. Also, I am part of a small helpline team in answering inquiries across the board. This can be primary, secondary, further education, the workplace and life. Inquires also include how to get an assessment, mental health issues and what is a reasonable adjustment. As a dyslexic/dyspraxic person, I like to contribute articles about my own journey in a neurodiverse world. These are published in Dyslexia Scotland’s magazine Dyslexic Voice to champion the positives of having a learning difficulty. I was pleased to be invited before the pandemic to be part of a series of videos which were developed to encourage young people to be more confident about their own career journeys. This has also been featured in the Dyslexia Scotland career guide.


NATTC is a neurodiverse assistive technology, training, and coaching company. I work as a freelance trainer aiding students through DSA and Access to work with training in assistive technology. There is a vast variety of assistive technologies, as there is no one-size-fits-all the technology is given to suit the person. This covers Texthelp, Avintidio, Carescribe, Microsoft365 packages, Glean, scanning pens, OrCam technology, Dictation software, Speechify This covers a variety of speech-to-text, text-to-speech, recording notes, note-taking techniques and using various software to aid with grammar and punctuation.

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Undergraduate at the Open University

During the pandemic, I have undertaken studying as a part-time student for a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in Criminology. This is a social science in the study of crime and criminals, which includes the motivations and consequences of crime, looking at the perpetrators as well as preventive measures. This is a multi-disciplinary course which contains elements of psychology, biology, statistics, law, and sociology. As my own personal studies have shown there are a lot of problems within society through neurodiversity, I am studying to find out how to improve the criminal justice system for a neurodiverse community.

Qualifications – Certificates

Hobbies and interests

In my spare time, I enjoy watching documentaries, listening to music, art and design, walking, swimming, cooking, and creative writing.         


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