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Adult support for dyslexics

If you are dyslexic, you are not alone out there. Hence, we created adult support for dyslexics, to focus on unique challenges & opportunities.

A significant part of our populace suffers from the condition to some degree. Dyslexia is not a general difficulty with learning, but it can impact specific skill areas.

With the right understanding, accommodations, and support, people with dyslexia can achieve success in education, the workplace, and in wider society.

Yes, some may find there is still a lingering stigma out there, but times are continuing to change with smarter people recognising what dyslexics can actually bring to the table in business and in life.

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Design Help

Assistive Tech

LinkedIn Help

Resources - News

Design Help

Creating designs for online use may not be for everyone, but many dyslexics can be highly creative and with just a bit of help and understanding/training can become self-sufficient for their needs.
Many of us out there cannot afford the luxury and expense of constantly hiring a visual designer. Learning how to use Canva could be the tool that helps you to be “creating” as opposed to “avoiding”.

There is no need for many dyslexics to avoid the uncomfortable.

adult support for dyslexics

Design Help

*Canva Training

* Done For you Templates

* template You Can Re-use

Message Rosemary and request a callback

Assistive Tech

Whilst the digital world cannot cure all ills, the advances made in recent years make the world a better place for dyslexics as opposed to times past.

Instead of being reliant on others for example in the reading/writing areas of life dyslexics can take much greater pleasure out of life be it personal or professional by using some great tools out there.

adult support for dyslexics

Assistive Tech

* Tools To Help Your Writing

* Assessment of you and Tools You Need

* Tools to Help with Reading

* Personalised 1 to 1 training

Message Suzy & request a call back!

LinkedIn Help

Just because you have dyslexia doesn’t mean you should shy away from LinkedIn or fear it.

For jobseekers and those seeking career change it is a place to be seen and heard.

Just get the fundamentals right and you can compete – we can help!

LinkedIn Help

We can Help You To:

* Optimise your Profile

* Set up your account

* Teach you to promote your account

Contact us indicating who you want a callback from

Resources – News


We aim to honestly draw your attention towards resources that actually help you out, as well as directing you to news of interest to you.

Online News

New – Trends – Developments or info from the online space that may be of interest to dyslexics

adult support for dyslexics

Dyslexic News and Resources

* Podcasts

* News from the web

* Useful resources and Tools

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Our Aim at adult support for dyslexics

  • Provide a safe environment for neurodiverse adults
  • Nurturing neurodiverse strengths. Everyone is different
  • 1-1 coaching and mentoring
  • Promote positive dyslexia
  • Simple tips to aid the neurodiverse community
  • Monthly podcasts about the dyslexic community

Aid and help with

  • CV’s
  • Linkedin Profiles
  • WordPress
  • Canva Design & Documents
  • Assistive technology

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Our aim is to provide a safe environment for neurodiverse adults, where we encourage nurturing neurodiverse strengths. Everyone is different.
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